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Latest Mutual Fund Articles

Mutual Fund Leads

Mutual Fund Leads; for as long as there has been a mutual funds there had to be a salesman, even back in 1774 close to the time of Americas fight for independence a sales man, pitchman and promoter had to announce these pooled investments – because without the money en masse the investment idea is only good in theory.

Somehow the sales people and distribution network had to be compensated and on top of that the mutual fund had other expenses and issues including market volatility. Today as at the beginning everyone comes to the understanding that all financial products are sold and not bought. Mutual Funds are a great way for the average Canadian to invest with then benefit of skilled management, pooled funds and general directive to make, save or preserve wealth and retirement and investment goals.

If in the olden days a crier were hired to let the general public know of such investment scheme then that may have been the best way to get the information out and potential investors interested in the investment marketplace of the time.

Times have changed administration, clerical, compliance, compensation too has been a consideration as the work force drops and more and more advisors retire. New and established advisors are out there hungry for business, small business, practices, books and entire dealerships are up for the taking or giving. The transition of wealth from one generation to another is taking place now the largest amount of money being transferred down like the 'pig and the python'. The newest and recent advisors are looking build, buy and takeover parts, pieces and chunks of any investment book or practice they can get, these mutual fund advisors, mutual fund representatives, mutual fund dealers want to know and communicate in ways that help them to now achieve their goals. Mutual Fund Exchange is such a place that looks out over that niche…that wants to buy, build, sell or sell out in the Mutual Fund Industry.

Today with a constant fight on their hands, hard working reps are looking for business development opportunities. With recent changes that are made with respect to public policy the DNC list is just one other change that may affect a starting advisor or even a few year veteran. Mutual Fund Companies all though there are over 85 mutual fund companies and or money management firms serving up over 4000 or more independent and alternative funds less are advertising. Companies have forgotten the fat day when advisors may have been compensated with bonuses and trips and gifts and such. Fund companies now rarely use the dealer/fundco co-operative advertising and marketing programs available.

Mutual Fund Leads has a main goal and that is to help the independent mutual fund representative be successful in building, managing and maintaining their book, business or practice. The one good thing is we know more than you! And we know you work hard and you are good at what you do in creating custom portfolios and micro managing your client's wealth. There is no doubt that you did not get here to this site by accident and are looking forward to finding what you need as a mutual fund representative, mutual fund dealer or Mutual Fund Company we've got all that it is that you need. As part or partner in the "Mutual Fund Target Market" fundco – advisor – investor have their needs satisfied with much needed corollary services that is the new way to help facilitate the financial sale.

We are Mutual Fund Advertising Mutual Fund Marketing, Mutual Fund Promotion and Mutual Fund Distribution through the natural "Advisor Channel". We are also connecting with many other online and news and publication advertising entities for fundco and other financial companies. Mutual Fund Leads: in other words is a professional referral system designed and developed to get you more and better leads and prospects that you can process as your own investment and financial clients. Our mandated is to assist the dealer, representative, company and industry sell more funds in Canada. Congratulations you are part of the highly coveted "Advisors Channel" and there for you're cost to enter membership has been reduced considerably with funding from many and random advertising fundco.

Mutual Fund Advisor – Mutual Fund Representative find out how to get more qualified leads sooner and to your inbox; strategic keyword target market system to get Canadians interested in exactly the thing it is that you want, to sell them a sound portfolio of funds and yourself as a well-trained professional that can serve their long-term needs.

Apply for successful membership application with Mutual Fund Leads today. You know a little about us, you want to know more; we want to know more about you at the same time. We are looking to cater this specialized target market service to less than 100 independent reps and or territories in Canada. You will find out more about our online services, publications and call center if you are an advisor, dealer or fundco. We'll soon respond to you and let you know why we are the best at what we do and explain the methods and tools we use to get the results you want in quality financial leads and prospects. You've followed and chased down the lead - now let us show you how permission based marketing works with you and for you.

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